VM Service maintenance schedule analysis review, Toyota Yaris 2010

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VM Service maintenance analysis, Toyota Yaris 2010
Make Toyota
Model Yaris
Year 2010

The following vehicle is offered with a fixed priced service maintenance schedule
Toyota is offering a 4 year or 60,000km capped price service (whichever occurs First) conditions apply.

The following spreadsheet will indicate the total cost of the capped price service.

10000Km $130.00
20000Km $130.00
30000Km $130.00
40000Km $130.00
50000Km $130.00
60000Km $130.00

Total Cost $780.00 but consider the following items

But it will not include the following items and please read carefully

It seems the dealer standard is set at offering a capped price service up until 60,000Kms

The capped price service do not include

Replacement of worm wiper blades
Brake system inspections
Headlight realignments
Balance and rotation of wheels for even wear
Valve clearance adjustments
Testing and re-gassing air conditioning.

I’m not sure if belts are included in the capped price service either

The item that concerns me the most is the fact that the Automatic transmission is not indicating a service schedule, but only an inspection every 40,000kms.

The last time I looked on the parts catalogue, transmission fluid is cheaper than a transmission.
Toyota will need to consider a fast reply to my observation.

If the automatic transmission is never serviced then who is taken the risk here, I hope that I’m wrong or a typo
has occurred the transmission is serviced at some point within a 100,000km parameter.

If the transmission is never serviced or the fluid is never changed I will need to conduct a oil analysis to determine the condition of the oil, to ascertain if the transmission will indicate a metal percentage in the oil thus causing premature failure.

If this is the case then the product will only maintain a value inside the warranty period.
The cost task to service and maintain this vehicle may become costly if you need to repair or replace an automatic transmission.

By Darren Gow-Brown,


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