VW Customer complaint 2016 VW Amarok Serviced @ 30,000 now serious issues

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VW Customer Complaint

Comment: Hi mate in need of some PROFESSIONAL help if possible.
I own a 2016 VW Amarok which is just shy of 12 months old. I recently had my 30,000kms service when I was informed at the time I needed new brakes.
Driving home from a freshly serviced car with new brakes I noticed my steering shakes any speed beyond 80kms. So you can imagine driving on the freeway at 100kms every day becomes frustrating.
After taking my Amarok back to VW for the 3rd time they did a wheel balance (only the front 2 wheels) which has once again not solved the problem. Do you believe getting a wheel alignment will fix this issue?



Hi Tim,

Very happy to help, the following information would help us get the right attention
Please provide as much detail as possible leading up the service and any details after the service
If possible the name of the dealership and the name of the service manager or service coordinator that you were dealing with at the dealership.
Some very quick research I have found that Volkswagon have customer complaints link, customer Complaints 
I strongly advise all correspondence is to be via email, this way you will have details that will help Volkswagon assist you ASAP.
With such an issue I’m sure Volkswagon customer complaints will do all they can to rectify this matter, as a measure of urgency.
Please let me know if you do not get any reply within 2 business days….
Before I go into the details of what went wrong, it’s important that this event is escalated to the correct department as I see that you have tried at the dealership level only to be given a poor resolution.
Darren Gow-Brown



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