Water damage to your car

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With record rainfalls in some parts of the world including Australia, it’s possible that your vehicle has taken in water where I should not enter.
How is this possible ?.
Recently I received a question fro a motorist from Tasmania, with a concerning engine noise coming from the front wheels.
After several questions later the motorist revealed that they are hearing a sloshing of water noise within their vehicle.
I had to ask more questions to understand the situation further.
It turns out that this motorist noticed water coming out from the glovebox area, after very heavy rainfall the night before.
This was now concerning me as the vehicle may shut down if the computer or electrical system may cause a short.
I went on to explain that this might end up a very costly repair and since the vehicle was parked on a registered road at the timeline of this very heavy rainfall them it may be an insurance claim as the vehicle may be rendered unsafe to drive.

What to do if your vehicle has been exposed to water damage.
Ring your insurance company and give details of the rainfall times, at least this way you have logged a record for future reference.
Keep in mind a water damaged vehicle maybe rendered not only unsafe but also unroadworthy.
vehicle maybe affected over time, with so many functions and sensors within a late model vehicle sometimes the vehicle will change to a statutory write off.


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