What is a HUD ?

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Well I’m really glad you asked..

HUD means head up display, this feature is found in some European vehicles and also in the late model Holden Commodore range.

Every now and again motor vehicle engineers get it right, by that I mean this feature is a must.

And to think that this feature may cost an extra $20 if installed when the car is made, it makes me think why don’t all car makers integrate this feature as it’s another safety feature to keep our eyes on the road.

Not only is it a safety feature it will aid at helping you keep your demerit points.

We all know how easy it is to loose points especially when the government creates a road path of several different speed zones in the length of 1 kilometre.

Anyway enough about the hiding police to catch you doing 5 kilometres over the speed limit and then with a poker face explaining you could have killed someone at that speed….

Perhaps the HUD could be used in all police vehicles so when they chase someone down a narrow street as shown in RBT for not wearing a seatbelt or even worse looking suspicious, the patrol car in pursuit at a dangerous speed might think hang on someone might step on the road and be killed.

The HUD is also sold as a stand-alone device on eBay for around $50


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