When is leasing a car cheaper than buying ?

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Let me begin with such a question of total amusement.

Recently I was flicking through the free to air channels and found the series on the couch.

i could not believe that there was a so called expert regarding finance explaining that leasing a car was cheaper than buying a car.

He the so-called expert creates an example of a $41000.00

He explains that the repayment on a typical motor vehicle finance is somewhere between 5% to 10%

So the next part is the demonstrate the lease cost compared to a motor vehicle finance.

So this is where your treated as a complete idiot….

Any lease is cheaper over a 4 year term and any car loan.

What they the so-called lease experts fail to tell you is what happens to the asset after 4 years.

With a lease over a 4 year term You don’t have a car (asset)

If you pay off your car over 4 years YOU own that car (asset)

The leasing business is what makes a HUGE PROFIT.

Please don’t be a fool and enter a lease agreement if you are not going to use this vehicle for  a commercial application.





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