When is the best time to buy a secondhand vehicle ?

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The quick answer is when you don’t need to …

A co-worker ask me about buying a second vehicle and what he should do, in my opinion he had everything in place to making a successful  acquisition. His only potential downfall was that he was in a hurry to make that choice.

With Technology on the constant change there are many operating platforms to choose.

google, carsales, gumtree and now Facebook are the main key stake holders when it comes to buying a car.

The official state government sites are the best to validate the car history such as statutory wright offs, of finance owing to the vehicle

All insurers, self insurers, auto recyclers/ motor wreckers and Licensed Motor Car Traders (LMCT) are required to inform VicRoads when a vehicle is assessed as written-off.

In Victoria, light vehicles (including motorcycles) up to fifteen (15) years of age that are assessed as ‘repairable’ or ‘statutory write-off’ are required to be recorded on the Written-off Vehicles Register.

The Written-off Vehicles Register (WOVR) ensures written-off vehicles are repaired to an appropriate standard before re-registration.

The WOVR was introduced in Victoria on 1 May 2002.

Use my link to search your states register as checking a vehicles history is as important as the cost of your second largest investment.

In my opinion it takes at least one month to buy a car, if you do your research you will save a lot of money.

The hardest part is making the initial choice and sticking to it, once you make that choice, now follow sales of that model of vehicle online via any site that will enable online tracking.

Before long you will establish what vehicle is selling and what is not, at the same time compare insurance products, and finance products.

Yes it seems like a lot of work but research will save You thousands and prevent you from regret.





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