When to change tyres

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When to change your tyres
This question may have several answers and all three answers maybe correct
The minimum tread depth for a roadworthy tyre to pass is 1.6 mm.
Does this mean we can drive around on tyre with only 1.6 mm, answer yes
Is it safe ?
Answer “depends”
It’s all about risk management especially when driving in the wet as tyres apart from stopping, they need to corner and stop in the wet as well as prevent the vehicle from hydroplaning when driving over puddles whether we are driving fast or driving slow, even driving on the freeway next to a semi when it passes giving you the full extent of the wind.

So now we want to understand what is a safe minimum?
If we ask a fleet manager we might get 2-3 millimetres if we ask the tyre salesperson we might get 3 millimetres.

From a brand new tyre we get 8mm so we get around 5 mm over a life of a tyre.

In my opinion it’s what you feel safe but keep in mind it’s most important that you think of wet weather driving


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