Who is going to be the next generation car maker ?

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Who is going to be the next generation car maker ?

In my opinion, the future car makers will be the key stakeholders of realtime technologies, hopefully with an open mind to what is required and what is not.

So who will be the next generation car maker ?

I do believe the race has already started, but it might be one of those events behind closed doors.

In no particular order my opinion is that Google, Apple, Microsoft and intel, may become the next generation car makers.

How we see a passenger vehicle today is not how we will see it in the future.

The three major challenges the our future vehicle, will be

Network coverage for autonomous driving.

With satellite technology changing in the sense of cost and ownership it won’t be too long before satellites are dedicated a country and or a company making autonomous applications achievable even in Australia.

Energy reduction consumption.

This part is the money question, do we not have an internal combustion engine, or do we ?.

I really like it when a country says from 2025 there will be no cars made with an internal combustion engine. The same team that have no idea about reality.


Battery management.

This part is my favourite, battery technology is a constant changing direction. Or is it simply changing the way we think about battery types and efficiency.

A typical deep cycle flooded cell battery has a life of 1500 duty cycles, so long as we don’t opportunity charge the battery.

But according to some this is the thing of the past, now its proclaimed that fast chargers or super chargers are more effective, but only time will tell.






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