Why do I need to check my engine oil

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It’s very easy for me to write about checking your motor vehicles 
engine oil especially between services because I’m the mechanic that gets 
to see the effects of driving a vehicle on low or even no oil showing 
on the dip stick.
Apart from premature wear and tear on the engine, the short term damage 
is overheating due to lack of lubrication oil performs many functions including transferring heat away from the cylinders, it also washes the engine holding acids and silicon oxide in suspension offering a protection of oxidation at higher temperatures.
I think I know why most people don’t check the engine oil between 
Here were some of the reasons given to me when I asked the question.
I didn’t think I needed to check it
That’s what motor mechanics are for right
It’s a new car it doesn’t use any oil
It’s too dirty I’m getting my hands dirty

If I was anything other than a mechanic I would accept most of those 
reasons but I’m not so sorry but you do need to get in the practise of 
checking your engine oil on a weekly basis whether you have new 
vehicle or not.
Of course while your there it won’t kill you to check the washer bottle.
There are many checks to be made under the including the coolant level 
or the water level but I will need explain this some detail as this 
requires special
Written by Darren Gow-Brown, in the interest of motor vehicle safety.


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