Why do I need to check my spare tyre

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Why do I need to check the spare wheel
The best way to explain the need to check your spare tyre is take you back to my days working for the RACV in roadside service, I never minded changing wheels for anyone at any time. Most females were apologetic about the fact that they called someone to change a flat tyre.
The fact is changing a wheel can be dangerous especially if performing this task on a freeway so when checking your tyres on a regular basis go the extra tyre and check the spare as it will deflate over time and there is only one time when you need it how life is so great if the spare is roadworthy and with the correct tyre pressure.

Getting back to my roadside service days, I remember I was in the city where there was absolutely parking, I found the member break-in down parking in the centre of the road with a flat tyre so he would have been waiting for about 45 minutes for me to arrive knowing that I was going to change his tyre only to find in his boot, a boot full of  books, so after taking all the books out of the boot here we find a flat tyre and I thought well some people need protection from them selves, I felt a bit under pressure at the time due to the fact I was getting paid a total of $6 per job yes that’s right a whole $6 dollars this was because I was contracting to the RACV.

Getting back to the spare wheel, it would not even hurt if you were to utilize the spare with other wheels to prevent to spare from rusting.

Now for those of you to whom are not so fortunate to find a real spare wheel, will be looking at a Orange or red skinny, I call it a funny wheel because it looks funny.
The most critical thing to understand about the funny wheel is that you have a speed limit of around 60 to 80 km limit so your home work this week is open up the boot locate the spare wheel check the type of wheel and CHECK THE PRESSURE
May I add if you are broken down on the freeway if possible get a friend to come over and to park behind you about five to ten metres   with the hazard lights on with the engine running in park, basically do what ever it takes to be safe.

For the record I hated the jobs leading me onto the freeway because it only takes a millisecond of error by an oncoming vehicle to change your life forever for this reason I made contact to Eastlink James Tonkin Manager – Strategy & Marketing, ConnectEast Group ( ) about producing a short Video for motorist to understand freeway safety when breaking down on the freeway, the e-mail was submitted to Eastlink 30-4-10,  still awaiting a reply.

Written by Darren Gow-Brown,, in the interests of motor vehicle safety


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