Why I like the new, Toyota Camry

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Recently I was given a Toyota Camry as a company vehicle and I thought this will not work out as its a 4 cylinder vehicle, it won’t have the power.

Well nothing could be further from the truth

If I was to compare a Holden commodore to a Toyota Camry there are two major differences

The commodore is a v6
The Camry comes with both, a v6 and a powerful 4 cylinder

The Camry is front wheel drive
The commodore is rear wheel drive

When you jump into a Holden and start driving around the streets it feels like you are driving a light truck even tho you have power steering and automatic transmission

When you jump into a Toyota Camry and start diving it feels more effortless driving as the smooth gear changes don’t seem to be as clunky, but in the wet you do have to get use to the front wheel drive characteristics

When I was driving the Camry I had to get something at masters hardware and thought at the time how am I going to fit the timber in the boot when I saw that both rear seats could fold down I felt like jumping up in the air, to impress my son of course.

When it comes to a 4 cylinder Sedan I believe Toyota have got it right when it comes to power to weight ratio

The capped price servicing we will need to cover another day

Written by Darren Gow-Brown independent motoring writer.


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