Will your new car kill you or your family

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Buying a new car to has never been so difficult. The hard part is to establish what features are necessary and what features may kill you.

As dramatic as this sounds, history is painting a new picture.
let me explain another way, if I drive my car and crash into the wall it would generally be determined that it was my fault and the insurance may pay if proven it was not done on purpose.

Now if I drive my car and for some reason I crash the car and kill someone due to a faulty component/feature, this changers the claim and may end up with a lengthy court case.

There is an elephant in the room, and this issue has not been addressed by any government body to my knowledge apart from the ACCC providing a list of recalls of vehicle faults.

My question is the following, if we purchase a vehicle that renders a faulty component that is a feature not required under the australian design rules, and this component causes a death or injury then this event leading towards a court hearing should be the responsibility of the component maker to fund the driver of all Legal expenses Including time off work.

I believe any feature made for any motor vehicle should have traceability right Back to the date where the electrical components are printed onto the printed circuit board of the feature / component made.

I believe we need more regulation regarding global quality control, to prove my point, ask your dealership where was the PCB board made that sits inside your ABS.

Or ask many many layers are on my PCB inside my ECU, and where was it made providing the company details with phone number.

It’s time now for all Motor vehicle component makers to be more transparent and accountable to a standard of safety.


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