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With the cost of almost everything increasing including the cost to fully maintain your vehicle, whether it be a fleet vehicle or a privately owned vehicle I believed its important to understand the true total costs of motor vehicle maintenance.

Mitsubishi Australia have been the first Car Manufacture to release motor vehicle maintenance information to allow me to provide a fair cost analysis

The first vehicle up for the VM Maintenance review  will be the Mitsubishi Colt, the VM maintenance guide soon to be released.

Rather than rate this area, you the reader will make your own judgement based upon the facts, this is raising the bar to all motoring writers, that seem to spend most of the time paraphrasing a carefully refined media release.

I will use my automotive background to examine the fine print and details of servicing, giving you the tools to make an informed decision, before making your next choice.

At this stage the service is free and for private use and fleet buyers, to help you understand the servicing costs without the need of an automotive background.

With so many options to motor vehicle maintenance carmakers need to keep the wolf away from the door of third party service centres.

Perhaps third party service centres keep the playing field even, time will tell as the winner keeps the customer satisfied with professional customer service.

Let me say some dealerships still need to understand the basic essentials of customer service.


By Darren Gow-Brown


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